UNLV Profile Cover
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unlv profile

This was a complex, long-range
project that showcased UNLV’s
special collections of documents,
photos and artifacts from Southern
Nevada’s history. The image used on
this cover was from a turn-of-the-
century, (20th), promotional placard.
I used Photoshop to convert the image
into a ‘line shot that I then faded
diagonally using the blend tool. I
then created the shape of the woman’s
hair with InDesign using our ‘motto’
words in a deep red color, knowing that
maroon and black are the two best colors
to contrast against silver, the color of
the state of Nevada and UNLV. I also
wanted the type to be sharp and vector-
based not the rasterized copy that
Photoshop would have rendered. I specified
a flood of silver for the background from
the printer with surprints of the deep
red and black with highlights knocking
out in white. This cover recently won
a design Award of Excellence
from C.A.S.E.